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Live Chat Software provides online chat communication between customer support executives and website visitors in real time. Specifically designed help desk utility enables customer service agents to effectively resolve visitor’s queries, related to products or services, and assist them in completing sales process in short time.

Enhanced functionality of web chat software allows Company customer care executives to handle any number of online clients or website visitors’ at a time. Utility provides live help, live support and quick response to customer queries that helps in better product sales and customer satisfaction.

User-friendly utility provides easy-to-use chat application to enhance and improve the sales and support services of any organization over the web. Live chat software resolves technical and product related issues faster than email services or telephonic means. Complete customer service solution provides most efficient and least costly means of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Major Features of Live Chat Software:

  • Provides one-to-one or multiple live chat between customer support executives and website visitors.
  • Display visitor`s chat history details including the chat time and date along with chat backup facility for further use.
  • Shows website visitors information including Visitor IP, Visitor Name, Browser, Arrival Time and Date, Department and Current Page.
  • Plays sound notification and visual alerts when user request for chat.
  • Facilitate to send Canned messages to make immediate response to customer queries without performing any additional typing activities.
  • Send website URLs to quickly assist online website visitors.
  • Preview message, typed by the customer before sending it.

Software Feature from the Administrator Interface:

  • Provides option to add or delete as many departments as required.
  • Facilitate administrator to create the admin account.
  • Administrator can create or delete operator account.
  • Facilitate administrator to change admin password as well as operator’s password.
  • Administrator can view the operator details (login ID, name, email address and online/offline status).

Software Features from the Operator Interface:

  • Operator can play sound notification during new chat request.
  • Operator can add/delete the canned messages.
  • Operator can add/delete website URLs.
  • Operator can change the password of created operator`s account.
  • Operator can block selected IP Address.

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