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MS Access to MySQL Database Conversion Software

MS Access to MySQL database conversion tool easily converts MS Access created database records into MySQL database server with full support to all major MS access data types and attributes. Data Doctor’s database converter utility allow user to convert even password protected database records or overwrite MS Access records into existing MySQL records provided with easy graphical user interface.

Microsoft access to MySQL converter is easy to use export your tables (structures and data, or structures only) between MS Access and MySQL. Conversion software has the ability to choose particular tables to be converted simply by configuring several options in the wizard-like application.

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Key features of MS Access to MySQL Database Conversion Software:

  • Convert password protected MS access database records into MySQL server.
  • Database conversion tool support all major database data types, attributes, indexes to maintain database integrity.
  • Accurately converts MS access database records without loss of any database records information.
  • Converted MS Access database records can be overwritten into existing MS SQL records or saves the converted database records at user specified location.
  • Support all latest version of MS Access database.
  • Highly interactive graphical user interface is provided for the ease of user.
  • No technical knowledge or skills are required to activate or run the database converter utility.

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